Saturday, October 2, 2010

Voting now open for 2010 Open Source Awards

The nomination stage is now closed and voting has begun in the 2010 Open Source Awards.

Your vote could reward an open source project with cash awards (I know the developers will appreciate that!) Registering to vote will require your name and email, and it's a single button click to cast your vote.

Here are the finalists, in categories:

Open Source CMS Award

Every Content Management System (CMS) that is based on one of the Open Source licenses is eligible to participate for this category. Vote for your favorite Open Source CMS here.


  • CMS Made Simple
  • MODx
  • mojoPortal
  • SilverStripe

Hall of Fame CMS

This category is reserved for those CMSes that have won the Overall Open Source CMS Award at least once in the past. Since the launch of the award in 2006, only Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress have won the Overall Open Source CMS Award, therefore, this category will feature only those three participants in 2010. Vote for your favorite Hall of Fame CMS here.


  • Drupal
  • Joomla!
  • WordPress

      Most Promising Open Source Project

      This category is for all Open Source projects, whose first release date is less than two years from 9 August, 2010. Vote for your favorite Most Promising Open Source Project here.


      • BuddyPress
      • LiveStreet CMS
      • Pimcore
      • Tomato CMS
      • WolfCMS

        Open Source E-Commerce Applications

        This category is reserved for the type of web applications that simplify buying and selling of products on the Internet. This will include complete e-commerce applications or frameworks designed for e-commerce. E-commerce modules or extensions to other systems can also be nominated. If a system is general purpose (like a CMS such as Drupal or Joomla!) the specific e-commerce functionality should be nominated, not the base system.Vote for your favorite Open Source E-Commerce Applications here.


        • Magento
        • nopCommerce
        • OpenCart
        • PrestaShop
        • Tomatocart

        Open Source JavaScript Libraries

        This category is reserved for JavaScript libraries, libraries of pre-written JavaScript controls which allow for easier development of RIAs (Rich Internet Applications), visually enhanced applications or smoother server-side JavaScript functionalities.Vote for your favorite Open Source JavaScript Libraries here.


        • Dojo ToolKit
        • Ext JS
        • jQuery
        • Mootools
        • RaphaĆ«l

        Open Source Graphics Software

        This category, as the name suggests, is for all Graphic Application Software that is used for graphic design, multimedia development, specialized image development, general image editing, or simply to access graphic files. It can also include graphics libraries, which use command line references or programming language inputs to design or edit graphics.Vote for your favorite Open Source Graphics Software here.


        • Blender
        • Gimp
        • InkScape
        • jMonkeyEngine
        • Scribus

        Happy Voting!

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