Saturday, May 8, 2010

Every programming language should have a tool like Acire!

I updated my laptop to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx last week, and along the way I picked up a few new tools. One of these is 'Acire', a learning utility for Python.

Acire is a great idea-- you can browse code snippets for topics you're interested in, view some simple source code, and observe the execution all in one 3-pane window. Simply put, it makes for a very easy reference library for Python and a great way to learn more about the language.

Acire is packaged for Debian, and I'm not sure if it runs off Ubuntu. (I print this to save you time if you're not an Ubuntu user.) I wish it would run everywhere, and I wish even more for this to be available in multiple languages. It's a great learning tool!

Acire can be found here:

For those of us who can use it, enjoy!

Happy Coding!


Unknown said...

I had never heard of that tool before... which is quite interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Mark Thomas said...

This is indeed a nifty learning tool. I agree this kind of thing would be great to see in other languages.

A unique and useful learning tool for Ruby is Try Ruby. I'd like to see something like this too in other languages.

Darcy Quesnel said...

This is cool. Snippets does something similar under OS X.

Anonymous said...

It should be web based shouldn't it?

V.Prudnikov said...

Web based can't be integrated well with you development environment which is Desktop, not web based.

Anonymous said...

Jono Bacon is Ubuntu Community Manager, and Acire is developed on Ubuntu.