Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Packt Publishing Celebrates 10 years and $400,000 given away

Packt Publishing Celebrates 10 years and $400,000 given away.

This year marks 10 years that Packt Publishing has been publishing books and videos, often the best source for commercial books on Open Source technologies.   For users of many great Open Source projects, Packt has been the 'friendly' version of documentation-- allowing faster ramp-up at a reasonable cost.

Not only that-- Packt has proven their friendship with the Open Source community by giving $400,000 through their Open Source Project Royalty program.  That alone deserves some a big round of applause!

Do you have a new tech stack you'd like a headstart on?  For a limited time (through July 5) you can treat yourself to *any* eBook or eVideo for $10.  Something else to celebrate about!

More details are available at this link.

Congratulations, Packt.  Here's to the next 10!

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