Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Getting up to speed with JEE 7

 Java EE 7 First Look

Like many Enterprise Java programmers, a big part of my job is simply staying current with the JEE spec.  The application server is constantly evolving, adding new features, and getting easier to use-- provided you stay current with the programming model.  Failing to stay current means you'll one day look at some JEE artifacts and wonder what exactly it is that you are looking at.

It's about time for me to have a look at the latest JEE spec (JEE 7) so I can be prepared for what's ahead.  (Wildfly 8, the successor to the old JBoss Application Server, is already there so I have a nice server I can learn with.) 

The vehicle for my continuing education is a new title from Packt Publishing titled "Java EE 7 First Look".  The book seems promising, it's around 150 pages and appears at first blush to have a reasonable number of clean code samples and legible diagrams.  (I *love* diagrams.)  I'll start reading soon and will report my findings here.

If you're too anxious for the review, you can have a look already here.

Happy pre-Holiday slowdown!

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