Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get a free JBoss e-Book! (Or other, if you'd rather)

Hello fellow programming enthusiasts,

It's with great pleasure I report to you news that you are entitled to receive a free e-Book of your choice from Packt Publishing.  That's right a title of your choice!

This is in celebration of Packt's 1,000th title being printed.  The part I like about Packt is that they offer great titles on fast-moving open source projects.  If you want to learn about some hot project, become a contributor, or even just be a plain consumer of open source software, Packt is a great resource.

Here's how it works:  During the event, Packt is inviting anyone already registered to, or who registers before 30th September 2012, to download any one of their eBooks for free. Packt is also opening its online library for a week for free to members, offering customers an easy to way to research their choice of free eBook.  Just sign in and pick your title!

I favored JBoss in the title to this blog, but there are plenty of other great books you can pick up as well.  (Even a few that cover proprietary software.  But I hope you don't pick one of those!)

You can get started by visiting here.

Happy Reading!

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