Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Reviews on the Way: CodeIgnitor, Groovy DSLs

The good folks at Packt Publishing are about to release 2 new books with interesting subjects.

CodeIgnitor 1.7 Professional Development
The book's available here.
Have you noticed that PHP development is red-hot? Check the web statistics-- the majority of web development is done with PHP. (Based on today's data, found here.) This title promises to teach sound PHP practices, including REST style web services. I look forward to reading it!

Groovy for Domain-Specific Languages
This book can be found here.
DSLs are little languages written in the business terms your users are familiar with. I've often written DSLs (even before they were commonly called DSLs) but never stopped to think about best practices in doing so. Coupled with the easy-to-use Groovy language, this book has the potential to increase my productivity, so it's another one I look forward to reading. Another great topic!

Watch this blog for reviews as soon as the books are out. 'Till then, Happy Coding!

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