Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let's go Funamboling!

Funambol Mobile Open Source available here

What's that, you say? You've never been Funamboling? Well, that's good, because neither have I. In fact, I believe I've just made that word up, so we may very well be the first people ever to "go Funamboling"! So what does that mean?

As a programmer, I'm always interested in learning new things, especially if I can put them to some practical use. In the recent past, I've studied R, Drupal, and Erlang, to name a few. Sometimes I learn something I can immediately add to my programmer's toolkit, and sometimes I just learn something different to keep my brain elasticity up. In that spirit, I will soon offer a review of a Funambol book, something I have never touched before.

Funambol, which I have just become aware of today, is an open source technology used to synchronize smart phones and other devices with PCs. Using Funambol, you can keep your calendars aligned, sync your email, and keep your notes in order on multiple devices. It has Java and C++ APIs, so I'm hopeful I'll be ready for the code portion if not a master of the problem domain immediately. It sounds interesting, so it should be a good learning journey.

If this sounds like something you might try, I'd encourage you to check out some of the videos on YouTube. (There are a bunch! How did this thing get so big without me hearing of it?) One such example is here.

The book's in the mail, so watch this space for tales of my ventures into Funamboling soon!

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Maffu said...

I hope you have fun with Funambol. Let me know if you write a review of the book. Don't forget to check the Funambol Forge and Code Sniper program.

Stefano Maffulli (Funambol community manager)