Friday, December 11, 2009

The Code Snippets series

I've decided to launch a series of blogs detailing my journey through programming tasks. I'll post a problem to be solved, then some solutions coded in different languages. My hope is that the code snippets will be small and clear enough that the blogs can be used as a reference, sort of a cut-n-paste repository to help coders quickly get program shells running.

The code snippets will not be industrial-strength implementations. They'll probably lack error handling, flexibility, optimized performance, and other attributes you'd like your real-world code to have.

The code snippets will offer quick'n'dirty implementations of common programming problems, formatted for maximum re-use.

Critiques and alternative implementations are welcome. Iron sharpens iron, they say, so feel free to suggest a better way. Watch for the first post soon.

Happy Coding!

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