Saturday, September 10, 2016

Programmer of the Year

Did you know that Adolf Hitler was once Time's 'Man of the Year'?

It's true.  The 'Person of the Year' is not the best person.  According to Time's managing editor Jim Kelly, "Well, the classic definition of TIME's Person of the Year is the person who most affected the events of the year, for better or for worse."

Using similar criteria, this year's Programmer of the Year must be Julian Assange.  (Ok, I might be fudging a little.  I don't know if Assange can actually write code or not.  But he is indisputably showcasing somebody's hacking talent.) 

The magnitude of Assange's accomplishments cannot be disputed, no matter where you sit on the political spectrum.  Without Assange's body of work, the voters of the United States (and the citizens of the world) would only have media articles to help form their thoughts.

As Wikileaks has shown, these same media sources are being directed by political masters.  The leaked mails show us pure truthful communication, no spin, no falsehoods.

The leaks also revealed a compromised primary contest.  American democracy is clearly not pure.  (Something I would not have guessed.)

It is true that the leaking has been one-sided.   If Assange had leaks from both sides of the political spectrum, we could make even more informed decisions.

I for one like having real, truthful facts to make decisions by. 

For changing the world's dialogue, and for changing the fate of a presidential election, I nominate Julian Assange as my blog's "Programmer of the Year" for 2016.

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